Feeling More Established As An Author, and Publishing Company!

ImageQueen Rella, started out as a name given to me by a child.  Now a grown man and out of school, he just don’t know what he did calling me Rella.  I changed something someone was using as a insult, and developed it into a empire!  I was called Barbara-Rella, by a associate that I considered a friend at one point in time.  I use to live with their family, and as I am now, and have always been a “NEAT FREAK” or as some say “OC”.  I just say that I like to surround myself with good FENG SHUI.  Keeping my home organized and neat, keeps my life in order.  Anyway, I would come home from 8 plus hours of a overtime work shift.  These shifts started around 3pm, and I wouldn’t get off from work back then until well after 12am sometimes.  This job required a lot of manual labor, and standing so it’s needless to say how tired I would be.  Still I can’t stand no house in disarray.  I would come home, and clean the house from top to bottom.  When they awoke in the am, they would find a house neatly cleaned that they didn’t have to lift a finger for.  So she started calling me, and directing her son to call me Barbara-Rella.  A spin off of Cinderella who often found herself cleaning up after her wicked Step-Mom and Sisters.  It was suppose to be a put down, I guess.  Well I’m determined to turn that S*** into Sugar!!

As of March 2013 I just recently found out that my published books, are now available to be borrowed from Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Library. {A CHILDHOOD DREAM COMING TO REALITY!}  I started out on this journey to get inducted into the Library Catalog system, two years ago!  So you know that this news is very exciting for me, and my company http://www.queenrellabooks.webs.com .  Two years ago, I donated books to the East Liberty and Eastridge Library in Pittsburgh, hoping that these people in the library would enter it into the catalog system. {Especially since I am a local Author}  What I got was swift kick into reality that everything takes time, and work.  It was interesting to find out, after all that driving around, delivering books, and donating them.  It wasn’t even the libraries that I submitted to, that introduced the books to the system.  http://www.pennhillslibrary.org/New%20Materials/march2013newmats.pdf

Both of the books published so far, Steel Twinz “Ladies In The Street” and Tales From Steel City are both available for borrowing!!!  I’m on the new materials list with the great Mr Dan Rooney, with his new book “Allegheny City: A History of Pittsburgh’s North Side”!!  Not to mention, Queen Rella’s Novella’s have some big things coming for the future~!!  I’m excited to share this news, and its a blessing that things are starting to fall in place for my dream.  When I found out I was entered into the library system, it made me realize that no matter the humble beginnings you come from, you can build “NOTHING” into “SOMETHING GREAT!”  I hope that’s inspirational for you~!! It is proving to be motivation for me~!!  I can’t take all the credit for this revelation, first I need to thank my HIGHER POWER, Jehovah for always showing me my path in life and THANKS to whoever it is that kept requesting my book for library induction.  Lastly but most importantly, Thanks, to PENN HILLS LIBRARY for putting my book on their new materials list!  It such a dream come true for me!!

As far as where I go from here?!?  I have a couple more books that is ready for release, and many more that’s being worked on!!  Not only is as a publishing company, but as a Author, and a dedicated YOUTUBE publisher {www.youtube.com/queenrella77} as well.   This is just the FIRST CHAPTER in the book of Queen Rella’s Novella’s….stay tuned for more to come~!!

Thanks for reading, and staying in touch~!!

Luv Always,

Queen Rella


What Sky?


It always boggles my mind when people say that they can’t do something.  I know it’s true that some things are more difficult to attain, still is it true what they say, “You only can do, what you say you can do”? I’m not perfect I have to cleanse my mind, and redirect my thoughts to keep pushing too.  Still, I love the thought of life being endless, the possibilities of different difficult tasks, that I can conquer.  All the goals that I can plant, and watch how they blossom into full beautiful roses of inspiration, for me to plant more in my life.


Many people have a tendency to confuse confidence, with conceited.  You have to have confidence in you, and your abilities to see your goals manifest.  So what do I say to those that say, “STAY IN YOUR LANE!”? I laugh at that comment, and keep it moving.  This is the land of the free, with liberty and justice.  If you’re not out being a outlaw, anything in life that you want to explore is your lane.  Having high hopes and ambition behind it, is a good focus in life.  Many want you to fall short of your dreams, only because they don’t have any. 


Getting caught up with the right people that want to see you do well.  Not because they want something from you, since they are doing well them selves.  That alone puts you in the right frame of mind, to know that your pursuing what you’re destined to do.  This is a personal journey, and a lot of times many folks will wait until you do all the work, get the momentum going.  Then instantly when success comes knocking on your door, they try and hitch themselves to your star.  I’m not talking about genuine people that have supported your dream, as well as others.  I mean the ones that wished down evil upon you, and now want to gravitate towards you.  Those folks I eliminate faster that the energizer bunny hops through the screen. 

Still setting all that to the side, I hope everyone knows it’s okay to boost yourself.  It’s important for you to buy into YOURSELF!  If you don’t, then who will?  So yesterday, you couldn’t walk 15 minutes with out stopping.  Guess what?  Tomorrow I bet you will go 20 minutes, and enjoy every moment of that accomplishment.  When I think of the world, I don’t say the sky is the limit.  I feel more like saying, “WHAT SKY?”  There is too much out there unexplored, for me to limit myself.

So my wish for you is to set your limit, and defy them too.  I just had that thought, as I watch this small business of mine, grow.  I can apply that into any portion of my life, and say,  “Never say, never!”  It’s progressive to think positive thoughts, and once them thoughts turn into reality.  Remember, to enjoy those moments…and pull out your pen to set and defy some more~!! Hope everyone is enjoying their February…into March.  At least soon Spring will be arriving, and we can start seeing the suns beautiful rays more often!  Talk to you soon!


Luv Always,

Queen Rella