Plus Size Fashion Clothing Enthusiast (Part 3)


This is a flirty fun, going out to dinner outfit.  I love the varies blues and shimmer that it provides!!  This peek-a-boo shoulder top, is coupled with a long flowing broom skirt.  Oh YES, one of those comfy style skirts!!

When I wear my lightening earring I always get compliments on them.  THANKS SO MUCH!! I grabbed up these for practically a steal!! I enjoy this top because it didn’t break the bank, and you’ll be surprised where I found it at!  I went with my trusty square silver watch, with faux diamonds to add more pizzazz to the outfit.   I found this skirt at a great location too, and a bonus is that it’s made with a built-in slip.  SO NO SEE THROUGH TRAVESTIES!! lol


I’ve been feeling very festive in this skirt combo, just give me a tambourine! You can find this beautifully crafted top at Walmart.  YUP believe it or not!  I found this pretty lil find at WALLY’S WORLD.  It’s originally $16.99 and I was blessed to pay even less.  Some peek-a-boo shoulder tops show your bra straps, this one is positioned perfectly for a lil peek to your boo!!   My skirt I found at THE BROTHERS aka Gab’s for only $10.00!! I told yall, I don’t have to have a big label to look fly~!!  These earring was once again a great find at a lil boutique in Monroeville Mall called Glitter, $1.00.  Adorable aren’t they??  You don’t have to break the bank, to look adorable~!!

I found everything I wanted in this outfit, comfort, free-flowing and flashy!  It’s flirty, yet comfortable enough to just bring a cool smile to your face!  This pretty lil number got a summer appearance, and still will get some play in the fall.  A nice pair of hose, and some close toes shoes will make it work.  Besides when outside, I’m going to be wearing a Pashmina with this cutie~!! Thanks for reading, and remember that FASHION don’t have a size, color, sex or race IT’S ART!!!Asummerlookbookedited3.jpg


Plush Size Fashion (Clothing Enthusiast) Part 1

Today in this wide world there is so much great fashion out!  Being a PLUSH SIZE diva, it may be a little harder to find exactly what I like all the time.  Truth is, I’m appreciative that many are realizing that we all love to look our best!  This is part 1 of a series that I’m going to touch on often.  I LOVE fashion, and the different emotions it can portray for your day!

Everything down to the accessories, is my passion!  So I will be sharing with you along with my regular blogs, some of my fashion sense.  I am not, or do not aspire to be a model.  I am however a clothing enthusiast.  I go out searching for awesome deals, for plush size women that love to add flare to their wardrobe.

Each piece in today’s outfit was very great finds!  I’m not a label chaser!  Meaning I will rock anything that I deem stylish, whether it’s from Wal-Mart to Ashley Stewart.  I don’t let no one define my style character.  My main stamp on anything that I wear, is my class and daring personality.

Diamond yarn earrings, $2.99 from Burlington Coat Factory, Pink Paisley Diamond Top with Gold Beading along gathered neckline, ONE WORLD apx. $15.00 Gabriel Bro’s, Tinkled Pink Skirt cotton/Lycra blend, $5.00 (Clearance STEAL) Mossimo~Target.  Square Faux Diamond embezzled watch, $10.00 Walmart.

My favorite detail about this outfit, is the class and comfort.  I can go from a business meeting, to a nice night out with this outfit and do so comfortably.  I paired this outfit with a nice basket weaved leather thong sandal, from Target as well.  Another plus to this outfit is that it can be worn every season.  In colder climates, you add some pantyhose, a scarf, and a jacket  it crosses the seasons.


So I say to you, just because you are PLUSH SIZE don’t mean you have to wear dark colored baggy clothes.  Express yourself! NO MATTER YOUR SIZE, share with the world your personality according to your style~!! Til next time, Clothe Your Personality!! Agape. 😉


Size Discrimination


In this day and age, fashion is widespread for all individuals.  I hear women being critical of plush size woman, for the fashion that they choose to wear.  It confuses me often, because many of these very woman wear revealing clothes themselves.  I don’t know why they don’t realize flesh, is flesh.  No matter the size, color or texture.  (YUP I SAID IT)  If it’s hanging out, it’s hanging out.  I’ve heard it’s gross for that women to wear this, or that.  I wonder why we are so focused on others.  SERIOUSLY.

Don’t we all have so much work to do on ourselves to even notice what the next person is up to? {sarcasm}  Today’s world is equipped with many different size people.  I don’t tell a thin woman, that her wearing low-rise jeans is inappropriate.  That seeing maybe their mid-drift, rib cage or booty crack is gross.  SO why, if there is so much happiness in being thin, do some find time to ridicule and demean woman with curves?

I’m all about fashion.  I love everything from the clothes, down to the accessories.  Some things are super cute, and some things are just not my taste.  That don’t mean that the next person can’t rock it!  I don’t discriminate.  If I think the outfit is cute, then it’s cute on who ever wears it.  Being personally told, “Just because they make it in your size, don’t mean you should wear it.”  Only fuels my desire to want to find more stylish clothes, that shared my personality.  Besides isn’t that why we all love fashion, it’s an expressive art form?

Well below is a short vid, discussing this very topic.  I hope all is well in your world…and be on the look out!  I have a new book coming out~!! Steel Twinz 2 “Ladies On A Mission”  is going to be available mid Sept. 2013~!! It’s the sequel to my first Novella Steel Twinz “Ladies In The Street” .