It’s Time To Reclaim OUR Idea Of Beauty

If anyone knows me, they know that I’ve been rocking my hair el naturel for most of my adult life.  Whether it’s been in box braids, locks,

Abackdrop2wash n-go, afro’s or micro’s.  I have been an avid natural hair supporter.  It’s not that I don’t find the lovely styles that is created with curling irons, and weaves beautiful.  It’s just that those particular hairstyles don’t work well for me.  Somehow though, it has become such a hot topic for people to discuss.  Let’s be real, it’s a hot topic with females.  I honestly doubt men are sitting around discussing whether they like a weave, afro, locks, relaxed or whatever on a female.  I believe when they converse about women it’s more on the lines of lower body extremities.  I seriously doubt they are talking about our hair.  Can you imagine?  A man sit’s down in his barber chair and says to his barber, “Aye man, I just got a number from this sexy chic, with the most vibrant weave I’ve ever seen!  I mean I loved the way, her freshly relaxed hair blew in the wind!”  LMBO!  Naw I think it would go a lil like this, “Aye man, I just got the digits from this sexy woman…she had a PHAT A*% and some nice T**%#%$!!”  I’m just saying and keeping it real.  I don’t think men are as concerned with our hair, as we are.

Back to the subject at hand.  This discussion was about whether men like natural or relaxed/weaved woman.  It got me to thinking, and I realized that question really had me saddened.  WHY?  Well first off I honestly can’t believe that a grown woman, that is suppose to have self love…would ever put that much weight on a man.  I mean, if the body is our temple…this temple is ours to do what we want with it.  Why, would it be up to men to decide how a woman wears their hair? SECOND, This is already a man’s world.  They control the money, politics (Which means that they already set the laws of the land).  Why would I need to consult them for my God given hair?  So instead I did a video on my opinion concerning the matter.  I wanted to share my thoughts with you as well.  I mean you are my blog-mates.  I hope to hear your feedback on the matter.  I mean everyone is entitled to their opinion…and my opinion is IT’S TIME TO RECLAIM OUR IDEA OF BEAUTY!!