Winter Dreams


Winter Dreams

I have to be honest, I have winter dreams. A cold exterior, hiding the beautiful, wondrous sight of the glory, of the blanket of solitude. Dreams come in color, sepia, black and white and grey. Although today, is the day that I choose to dream in WINTER. A lovely sight of renewal, rebirth and rejuvenation. It’s natures way of begging us all to slow down, and cozy up to the ones that deserve our warmth today! Yes, it’s me the Queen with those lovely winter dreams. {Peace be to all} Best wishes for a warm, lovely winter season. Happy belated Lovers day!!!

Love Always,
Queen Rella


Staying disconnected, to feel connected!


Some times I take time for myself.  If you don’t feel like you can give, the best thing to do is regroup, and take some time for yourself.  That adage have worked for me so many times.  This winter in PA, is colder than a penguin’s butt!  My RA is proving to fight me all winter long. As the groundhog predicts a early spring, I’m actually praying for it.  Thats the truth, straight from my mouth!  So anyway, about taking some me time….

I tend to shy away from the social media sites, when regrouping.  It can sometimes be honestly, very draining.  When stress is a all time high, and I’m trying to come back to my middle.  Offline is where I find the MOST peace.  I think that we take for granted that these technological improvement, have made us all too accessible.  Why do we need to connect with people everyday, that with out this technology we wouldn’t see but once in a blue moon?  This technology is taking away that feeling of surprised to run into someone, that you haven’t seen in years.  When we would normally be happy to see someone, that “Oh I see them everyday online {FB,TWITTER, or INSTRAGRAM or comparable sites}” attitude, makes that actual in person encounter awkward.  Why?

Some people will put their entire world online.  It makes you uncomfortable to see them after you read about that long trip to the bathroom, that saucy romp or whatever they deem STAT or should I say “LIKE” worthy.  Other reasons are everyone is in a race, to show how perfect, or successful that their lives are.  They want to stir up drama, and cause confusion.  That’s why many times, I drop off likes to those that talk about things uplifting.  {NEVER ABOUT THAT US NEVER THEM MENTALITY}  Truth is we are all in this together.  I never believe that what is effecting your space, don’t effect me.  I feel like if we are doing good, we all good together.  THEM? Naw, if we are all a part of the human race…them, is the animals of this world.  We still find time to take care of them… {Long silence…}  Sometimes I wish folks would realize that they would treat a wild animal better than their own  kind.

As I was saying RA is a interesting pothole, on the road to life.  Times have come where it feels like I can conquer the world.  Other times, I kick back and look at my critics and wonder…if they got afflicted with what I have tomorrow.  Would they be able to hold their heads up and keep a smile on their face as I am determined to do?  RA tends to intensify off of stress.  Off of research, and group sites that face the same issues I do I’ve learned that meditation, and relaxing helps ease the aches and pains.  So it’s been a smooth break with heating pads, and Epsom salts…mixed with some NSAIDS.  What more can a sista do? I’ve found that with this world of technology we tend to shy away from the REAL encounters.  Those face to face interactions.  As these days get colder…so do peoples attitude.  So slowly I continue to prune my garden of associates.  “What is it that I gain the world, but lose my soul?”  Therefore if I’m being drove out of my character, I definitely take some soul cleansing time for myself.  It’s repairing, encouraging and enlightening to continue to search yourself, a ailment will humble you and keep you HUMAN. I’m taking that time to feel human again…and disconnecting is a part of that journey for me.  I’m determined to make 2013 a great year for me, and to keep on reaching goals.  Anything that stumbles me, deters me or serves to hold me back…get’s cut off.

I hope you are enjoying your 2013, and remember these social websites don’t pay you a dime to stay connected to them.  It’s not a obligation to be on it everyday.  I feel reconnected with myself…as I journey through this NEW YEAR!  It’s February already, and already I’m learning more about myself, and building off of that knowledge from the University of Real Life Lessons.

Love Always,

Queen Rella

Critical Times Welcome To 2013!

   ACRITICALONEHello everyone welcome to 2013~!! HAPPY NEW YEAR~!! I wanted to open this year on interesting topic.  We are living in some critical times~!! I’m looking forward to the new possibility’s and meeting my new short and long term goals.  Still something ran through my mind and I wanted to blog about it~!!

Criticism, whether it’s constructive or not, is it vital?  I wanted to touch on this subject because for some odd reason, many people feel it’s their job to judge the next person.  Yet, these same people want to be given the sympathy for there actions, flaws and imperfections.  It’s very concerning  the way people preoccupy themselves with others affairs.  If only they would spend that extra time on being critical with their own actions, dress, behaviors and more.  Some how these type of people have it in their minds, that their opinions is laced with gold.  Never providing anything positive, they feel their sharp tongues is the answer to another persons issues.  Let’s rewind first though.

It’s one thing to provide a answer to someone’s question.  It’s then when they ask your opinion, that you’re just providing your honest answer.  It’s another thing when you try, and publicly embarrass another person for attention.  Online personalities seem bigger online.  When offline, would you like someone to sit in your face, and zero in on your every flaw?  I’m sure you would be ready to throw blows, and defend yourself if someone disrespected you.  Be it about your style, size, breathe, greasy skin, dry skin or whatever small matter that can be thrown at you.  It’s as if manners and decorum is non-existent.   Even in the real world, you would love for a real friend to pull you to the side, to share with you a embarrassing flaw that can be corrected.  Why all of a sudden because you are online it’s okay to degrade a person in public, pointing out their flaws.

So you say it’s “CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM”?  It’s funny because the way I was taught in the professional world, constructive criticism comes as a sandwich.  It starts with a positive, layered with what “Constructive Criticism” you want to share, then back to another positive.  I know when you lead with a negative, any good that your trying to produce get’s ignored.  WHY?  Because nine times out of ten, that person you embarrassed by bluntly spitting out your so called constructive criticism blocked out your words.  No one that I know sits around like a lap dog, waiting to hear shot’s of insults thrown at them.  If they do, then I doubt they have much self respect.

My reason for bringing this up, is to shed light on the obvious.  Many question why some folks cut them off, and not want to be around them.  I’ve learned that birds of a feather flock, and I’m not in the business of degrading anyone.  If that is someone’s lot in life, if they feel as if it’s their duty to correct someone else, or should I say criticize them.  I say this to you, START WITH YOURSELF.  Anytime you feel the need to be critical, turn that inward.  No one is perfect, and I’m sure if you spend the time you do on degrading others with your so called “Constructive Criticism” on yourself,….you would see that you’re not perfect either.  Only difference between you, and that next person that get’s attacked with your sharp tongue is…they have compassion.  They don’t want to degrade you, or make you feel small around others.  I heard a great quote, “Always expect criticism if you’re doing something interesting, or different.”  That’s so very true. Many people that can’t do, criticize.  So truly I just smile at the critical ones, and hope that soon they find something interesting to do with their time.  Until then they will probably continue to criticize, and wonder why they are trapped in the same ole day to day cycle.  Poor critics, if only they had some sort of talent besides shooting out negative retorts.

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I hope everyone is having a great new year~!! I haven’t wrote in so long, and to be honest it’s because I’ve been working on so many writing projects.  I have a new Novella out titled, “Tales From Steel City”  you can find it on and I have a poetry book that’s coming out this month titled, “Royal Inspirations”  that too can be found on our company website~! I appreciate you reading, I hope your not bogged down with critical ones.  Truth is though, if you are…then you must be doing something right~!! Peace and love…and best wishes for a progressive New Year!

Luv Always,

Queen Rella

Another Mile Stone…another goal reached!

ImageQueen Rella’s Novella’s presents TALES FROM STEEL CITY {A Collection Of Short Stories}  QRN’s {}  Brings you a Novella that is designed to rock your soul!  (COMING SOON IN WINTER 2012!!!)

When I started in on this project, it seemed so far away that I will reach my goal.  Through determination, and love from my readers I continued pushing to put this Novella out.  Being a C.E.O. or a self publishing Author on the rise, it’s impertinent that I stay on top of myself.  Being my own boss details plenty of discipline.  Still I love to share with you that this Novella is another one to add to your reading collection.  In this Novella, your mind will be expanded as you read QRN’s own Queen Rella’s short stories entitled THR33 SID3S & THICKNESS…you also get a sneak peek into the much anticipated Novella STEEL TWINZ “Ladies On A Mission”.  In this Novella I wanted to bring out different writing styles and I got to feature Author Shayla Bryant with her short story “What Happened?”

Another mile stone for me have been reached, another goal to check off of my list.  This is still just the beginning of my journey.  I’m laying the ground work for this publishing company, and want to continue to pick up readers along the way.  I want to let you know to come through to my website and sign up.  On that website and on my official YOU TUBE channel: you can get exclusive information on contest, and book release dates!!  So with me you can reach another mile stone…of reading another QUEEN RELLA NOVELLA’s exclusive…so get ready, for a trip into the mind of Queen Rella and Shayla Bryant in TALES FROM STEEL CITY {{COMING SOON}}!!!!

Don’t forget to grab up STEEL TWINZ “Ladies In The Street” and get caught up, and ready for the next chapter!!

ImageEach NOVELLA, is captivating…and riveting….LOOK OUT FOR QUEEN RELLA’S NOVELLA’s and support independent AUTHORS and a Black/Woman owned company!!

Thanks for reading, and see you in the next post.


Queen Rella

Public Image Versus Reality

Public Image Versus Reality

I have found that through the years, even down to our school years a similar tide takes place.  Many are highly concerned with their “Public Image”.  In this age of social media, we have TWITTER, YOU TUBE, Facebook, Black Planet, MY SPACE, blog sites, Insta-gram and more.  With these websites it gives voice to those that otherwise would be ignored. Yup, I said it.  It gives voice to those gossipy, liars that love the spread drama giving them attention.  It’s sad that people don’t take the time to think for themselves.  Listening to what ever the next person says, just to make themselves feel validated.  Instantly that person you held up high, is now getting bashed and it makes your ears perk up!  It’s so intriguing to hear about another persons personal life.  Especially when drama is involved   Whether it’s true or not, it effects your “Public Image”.

It’s true “Public Image” use to be a problem for only the CELEBS.  Truth be told now local, everyday Joe’s have to be concerned with the way they are being portrayed.  On the flip side of the coin, these folks that listen and spread the “STORIES” are paid temporary attention, and finally they get what they are looking for.  Modern day paparazzi’s are everywhere!! Now that every phone has a camera or video recorder on it, it makes it easy to create these scenes and embellish. Now a simple everyday issue turns into a TMZ special.

What’s the reality of this all?  Well truth be told, I love to live off of the fact that I only live my reality.  No one, no other person has walked in the shoes that I have been strutting in for a long time.  I know with anything, time will pass and many will see these terminal people for what they are.  Many crave to be in the limelight, and want to be revered as popular, stars, leaders or what ever.  Still it takes a truthful human-being to walk among this polluted scene, and rise above it.  It’s the reality of this world, many are not satisfied with their lot in life.  They will grab and claw at anyone that is reaching heights beyond what they have.  They will do what they can to destroy the next persons “Public Image”.

In reality, this on-line persona that many are reaching for is trivial.  In real life we all have someone to answer to, and this temporary high that they receive when others gather around to hear their “TALES” of so and so, and such and such is just that.  TEMPORARY.  Even too, I have found comfort in knowing that one turn, deserved another.  {:WHAT DO I MEAN?:}  Usually what you choose to dish out, will come back.  I often remind myself of that, and that’s why I choose to put out positive.  It’s a choice, and it get’s tested often.  Even being on the receiving end of the drama, I decide to let it roll.  Knowing that soon, in reality those that continue to live that life….will be a victim of it.

It’s true that employers, past friends, future associates and family can take a peek into your life by glancing at your social stat’s.  It’s also true that many want to paint a certain picture of you on-line, hoping that it will make their persona look better.  In reality, when you log off.  You real life is right there facing you.  No matter how hard you try to tear down the next being, reality is a hard fact.

Well that’s all, I figured I haven’t blogged in a while and really have been feeling this topic.  In this day, and age where cyber bullying, image destroying and harassment seems to run a muck, I felt the need to touch on this topic.  Reality is what I hold on to, when I hear he said, she said things I tend to dismiss them.  I get to know the real person, and if I don’t know them.  I don’t allow the next person to form that opinion for me.  I have a mind of my own, and regardless of what “PUBLIC IMAGE” another tries to create…I rely on reality.

Well gotta go…LOVE ALWAYS…and I wish you all the LOVE.


On To The Next!!!

We Sat down with Queen Rella come and find out what she is talking about.

I’m so excited to announce that my next book is coming soon~!! I dropped the title, and premise.  It’s encouraging to get feedback, and hear from my readers.  I have got request for another book.  It’s definitely on it’s way!

I had to stop in and share with you the interview that was done, concerning the new title coming out.  It’s interesting to share with each of you, my fictional creations.  I never quite know how people will perceive my characters that I come up with.  Some have told me that they can relate to them.  Or have even known someone that reminds them of the character I created.  It feels good to hear that people are connecting with my art.

Since dropping Steel Twinz “Ladies In The Street” in September 2011, I have seen this book reach levels that I only imagined.  Now as I journey into this new book release.  I get the opportunity to share with you, another persons art.  Shayla Bryant is a creative author that will leave you looking out, for her first title.  So coming soon, this book will be out! It’s on to the next one!!!   I wanted to share with you the interview, and thank you for all your continued support.

For exclusive updates, and contest information head on over to !!! If you want to keep up with what Queen Rella is up to, you can subscribe to her on YOU TUBE: queenrella77.  Enjoy the interview, see you in the next post!

Oh yeah,…I guess we should share the AD for the new upcoming book!! Check this OUT~!!

Change Is For The Better!! 30th BLOG Celebration~!!

Wow I can’t believe that I’m up to my 30th blog!! It’s been a while I’ve been blogging and as I share how I think.  I learn a lot as well.  First I have to say HI to all my blog readers!  I appreciate each and every time you breeze through to pick up my latest.

Next as you can see, I’ve made some changes to myself.  I cut my locks…now before I made this decision I went through some back and forth with it.  Some feel as if I have some explaining to do, MOST have embraced it and complimented me on the change.  Truth is I did this for me.  I realized that in order for my hair to remain healthy, I had to continue forward by starting fresh.  I have to say that change is for the better.  I feel so much lighter and free.  I love locks and the beautiful styles that they create.  I also enjoy the bonding experience that you get with yourself, as you learn to grow with them.  It just got to the point where it was weighing down too heavy, on my roots.  YOU GOT TO PROTECT YOUR ROOTS AT ALL COST!  SO I went ahead and did what I needed to do.  It’s been a very positive experience.

As I embark on this 30th blog, I had to share with my bloggers that change is something that we shouldn’t fear.  Fear is just another obstacle to overcome!  I feared sharing my thoughts with the world…now as I log on, I see that my readers span across the globe.  From  India to Russia, Kuwait to China…of course the U.S. and Sweden, Chili, Jamaica and so many more places!  I have found a comfortable home here on WORD PRESS.  It’s encouraging to know that people I haven’t even met, and don’t even speak my language find comfort in my words that I post.  Now, I know my calling…and that all these large array of words I use…..sheesh…is something that I should be doing.  It’s blossoming into something that I could only imagine.  So thanks again to all my readers…I appreciate you!  So don’t fear change…because honestly change is for the better.  It’s usually our own stubborn ways that continue to hold up our progress.

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SO 30 posts!!! I project to post many, many more post past this~!! I love to share what is in my heart.  I hope that it’s received with the true intentions…LOVE.  I can’t get on the bandwagon of the thinking of this 2012 world…tearing down, to make myself feel better.  It is my goal to share with the world, what I hope to get out of it {Inspiration, encouragement and genuine love}.  I won’t allow those that can’t find the words and show their green-eyed ways to deter me from my joy!  I IN-JOY writing, sharing love and speaking from the heart.  I know being just the way I am ….I will continue to be wrapped with love, care and encouragement from people seeking the same thing.  So forward I will march…enjoying the fruits of my labor….know that there is no place like home…and it’s right here…where my heart is.  TILL THE NEXT POST…. L ❤ VE~!! ❤