About: Queen Rella

Queen Rella is a beautiful woman, that continues to work on her growth in life.  She’s C.E.O. and the Founder of Queen Rella’s Novella’s books and website. Musical production as BADA.  Radio Personality  at Spreaker.com (Queens Planet ) She is a Sexy, alluring loyal Queen. Author, Poet, writer, singer, rap artist, entertainer and videographer. Always proud that she is a Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania Native.

Queen Rella is not out to change the prospective on body image. To each is own is what she believes. Although she does believe that just because she isn’t a size 5 doesn’t mean that she isn’t bold and beautiful~!

Queen is out to share with the world her prospective on life issues, inspiration and confidence.  Sometimes Queen will talk about her own journey to better health.  She is working hard to live a long lovely life despite her fight with RA {Rheumatoid Arthritis} and Fibromyalgia.  She still wants to be able to place a smile on her face live in peace and keep on surviving through the pain.

Queen Rella loves to write.  She is currently has four books available for purchase on her company website. Queen Rella’s FIRST Urban Fiction Novella is {Steel Twinz “Ladies In The Street}, Second Book, {Tales From Steel City}, Third book is a book of poetry {Royal Inspirations}, and the fourth is the sequel to Steel Twinz, {Steel Twinz 2 “Ladies On A Mission”}  These books can be located on AMAZON.COM also on her create space page https://www.createspace.com/3691641! Please come through and join our company website www.queenrellabooks.webs.com~!!

Queen Can be found on You Tube: queenrella77 Twitter: Queen Rella

She prides herself in loving others as she loves herself.  Never to be mistaken or ill-informed she will continue to find a place in your heart and minds for time to come.  Sit back and enjoy the blog entries FROM THE MIND OF A QUEEN.  Agape.

Queen Rella would like to give a special thanks to God and her loving Husband Blue.  Plus all those that love her unconditionally.

Queen Say’s: “To All my friends that touch my heart day after day with kind words and loving support.  You are my roots….and you know who you are.  Finally, I like to thank my supporters on YT & FB…what can I say??….You make me better~!!” 


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