It’s officially spring and it’s been a long winter!  I am excited at the possibilities that the warmer climates Spring2014have to offer!!

I got to take a short trip out-of-town, and have been able to take some beautiful walks since the temperatures have added some warmth to it.  I look forward to more sunny weather, and more outfits to find to express myself on them days.


I decided to couple a jean skirt, with a classy top.  My favorite colors are red and black, so this outfit brought out the sassy in me.  I guess?? lol.  Anyway, I found this top at a store on the way out.  Dots.

Spring2014I adore the v neckline and the circular piece in the center of the top.  My earrings are special made from a friend from Sweden.  They’re an adorable addition to my collection, and it paired up perfectly with this outfit.



This comfortable and long jean skirt, was a find at the “BROTHERS” affectionately known as Gab’s.  I’m feeling my bare foot-ness in this sultry yet comfortable outfit!! If passing my door, I would wear a thong sandal with a little height to it.  But for now, I’m just relaxing in my humble abode.


I decided my hair needed a curly style to play up my sassy feel.  It’s nice to be able to let the coat go for a while, and just head outside with a light jacket.  How’s your SPRING 2014 coming along?  I hope all is well…..


If you can swing through to my YOU TUBE channel and subscribe.  I put video’s on there for fashion, and more!! It’s a glimpse into the life of Queen Rella.  Stop by it’s https://www.youtube.com/user/queenrella77.  I A1NewqueenYTbanner.jpgappreciate your time and thanks for reading my blog.  Agape. ❤



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