2014 Fun & Fashion Winter Diva

Laid Back Enjoying Life

Laid Back Enjoying Life!!!

Hello my faithful royal readers, and welcome to the NEW YEAR!! 2014 is standing to be such a prosperous year for me and my husband.  I’ve set new goals for the year to come and I look forward to reaching them!

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you all some outfits this PLUSH SIZE QUEEN has been adorned with.  It’s been a very chilly WINTER here where I’m at.  So I’ve been wrapping myself in pretty sweaters, long sleeve tops, sexy jeans and jazzy hats.


I didn’t get an opportunity to check in, with you all in a while.  As I’ve been on a hiatus, and busy writing these NOVELLA’S that keep on pouring out of me.  Details on new book information coming soon.  On the other note…let’s get to the CLOTHES!!


1rella2014A.jpgThis adorable sweater is from ASHLEY STEWARD, it has an elegant plunging neckline that allows me to accentuate my womanly softness.  I fell in love with the earthly colors that this sweater provides.  As a accessory I paired my Polo cross body satchel to make the dark browns pop!  I’m wearing a dark blue jean pants, with a stitching on the pocket that matches the top.  This outfit is not only comfortable, it’s stylish as well.


1rella2014b.jpgThis is the complete look, and I wore fan earrings with the same accent colors in the top.  My hair is in my winter protective style of braids.  It’s conveniently matching the outfit as well! (It just so happens match, but I’m going to go with it!)


Since I’ve not been updating my blog in a while, I’m sharing two outfits for my Fashion enthusiast aka CLOTHING LOVERS!!


Warm Outfit

Warm Outfit!!!

As I said before when the weather is FRIGHTFUL outside, I lean towards warmer clothing.  This sweater I found at ASHLEY STEWARD as well.  It has my favorite color in it. (BLACK)  I grouped it with some black ENYCE jeans.

This cozy outfit, allows me to stay warm and still bring some sassy DIVA-TUDE! With the sweater being long sleeves it’s enough to keep me warm during the below 0′ degrees we’ve been enduring.

1rella2014E.jpg I grouped my cute soldier hat, with my “QUEEN B” pendant on it.  My earring is dangle circle cut-out zebra print.  I try to mix up shapes, and imprints to add a flare of a unique touch.  I walked in my black comfortable booties to complete the outfit.



This is the complete look of this cozy, sexy outfit!! I enjoyed touching base with you all!! How is your NEW YEAR panning out?? I hope all is well in your world, and I look forward to sharing more with you in 2014 and beyond!! See you in the next post…oh yeah and make sure you head over to YOUTUBE and subscribe to my channel: QueenRella77 for exclusive video’s on yours truly.  Here is a smile for you….stay warm, and blessed. Agape.

2014 Protective Style "THIS SMILES FOR YOU!"

2014 Protective Style



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