2013 New Inspirational Updates

1AreadcHELLO, it’s a good time to stop by and chat with my ROYAL READERS!  Hello, I had to share all the inspirational things that have happened for me, and my company!  I also wanted to share with you some information to check out, about my company (Queen Rella’s Novella’S)  After the release of my second installment of Steel Twinz {Steel Twinz 2 “Ladies On A Mission”}  many have ordered or purchased a copy of it!  As well as the first copy of Steel Twinz as well.

As a child I always was in the library, I was a book worm for sure!  It kept me off the streets, and out of trouble to dulve deep into a book with my imagination.  Back then I knew someday I will also have a book in the library!  Returning the favor of other AUTHORS that shared their work, and immortalized their artistic writings for all to share and read!  Today, I now have three of my four books in the library system!  This alone is a heartwarming accomplishment for me, and I want to thank PENN HILLS CARNEGIE LIBRARY OF PITTSBURGH for inducting all of my written art into the system.

Books In LibraryI can not possibly explain the amount of joy it brought me, to know that I’ve accomplished one of my long time goals!! Next I have to share with you that my FIRST BOOK STEEL TWINZ “Ladies In The Street” has been reviewed on a STREET FICTION website!  On  streetfiction.org they did a excellant review on the NOVELLA!  I was happy to see that my artistic writings are being understood and appreciated!  Please go over and check out the review that was done on it!

 {Queen Rella’s, Steel Twinz Ladies In The Street (streetfiction.org) Review}

As 2013 unfolded it has been an improving year as it went on!  I couldn’t be more excited at the love, and reception of my artwork!  I recently met in person a very optimistic, creative and inspirational man.  He bought every NOVELLA that I put out thus far!  This is the first person to date, that has every last copy of every published work that I’ve released!  I want you to check this talented man out, as he rocks MIC’s near and far!

 (Like BABEE LOC’s Facebook page, and support him please)

Babee Loc, is a young talented rapper rep’n the O-side of Cali and have many songs out that will show you that HE is destined for greatness!  Go grab up his music, NOW!  I got it, and I’ve been jammin’ ever since!


It’s touching to know, that He is reading my artistic writings and that you will be too, if you head on over to my company website Queen Rella’s Novella’s Company Page !!

Well I’m going to leave you with a song featured by my HOMIE rep’n O~SIDE that should get you UP and ready to GRIND!! This is my motivation, today~!!

I’ll see you in the next blog…thanks in advance for YOU being so supportive of ME and any INDIE ARTIST!!! Agape. ~Qr


2 thoughts on “2013 New Inspirational Updates

    • HELLO MSFULLROLLER! Thanks so much for reading the blog and responding! I LOVE THE LIBRARY, they have been a staple in my life! As far as the books getting noticed, and inducted into their system I’m excited about the growth in my home business, as well as the impact on my written art! It’s nice to know that it’s being recognized and took serious. Thanks for the belated birthday wishes! I enjoyed the day, and plan on making the MOST out of my new year of life!! 😀

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