First Snow Photo Shoot…New Hair Style.

a1snowrevised1   We had our “FIRST SNOW” for the new season.  It was so beautiful, majestic and peaceful outside.  I had to capture some moments in the snow.  I am after all a true winter baby aka snow angel!

As the season changes I find that the sun helps me through it!  I hope this winter has more sun, even though it snows.  It makes for such a beautiful scenery!

So I’m a natural hair enthusiast!  I have been wearing my hair natural for many years.  I have worn locks, two strand twist and just my lovely afro, I’ve blown it out for a more dramatic fro, and I’ve wet set it for a softer look!  Still all of these things puts a certain amount of stress on my hair.  During the winter season I like to put my hair up in protective styles.  Where the inclement weather conditions, and my hands can stay away from it for a while.

melting winter wonderland

I enjoy this style, even though it took me a entire 12 hours to complete this look.  Its a kinky twist style, that I find to be more of a get up and go maintenance.  I cropped it into a shoulder length bob, for easy maneuvering.  All in all, I’m happy with the results!  So I decided to do a photo shoot….Here are some of my favorite flicks from it!

Snowy Dreams1st snow of the season I was in amazement at the winter wonderland…and couldn’t wait to stand within it’s beauty……

This winter wonderland is having me dream snowy dreams….and laugh at the dancing snowflakes falling from the heavens……..

As I realize that the journey of life is filled with not only sunny days, but snowy ones too!

Scenic Beauty I smile and smile at the beauty that I’m surrounded in.  Happy to be able to stop and smell the crisp winter air.

Knowing that the archer season is near…..<3

Thanks so much for taking time out to read my post.  I blog as the feeling hits me to be honest!  So thanks to all my new and old subscribers of this blog for hanging in there with me!

SNOW SMILE I look forward to seeing you in the next blog….Who knows what I will be doing next!! For my fashion enthusiast, I’m a hard core STEELERS FAN!  SO today I’m wearing my Steelers Mittens to match my Steelers Tee!  Our team is having a very trying season, but I still LOVE them WIN or LOSE!!

Steel City Woman I am a home grown PITTSBURGHER!!! Representing to the fullest…Penguins, Steelers, Pirates….AKA PITTSBURGH!!

Thanks for stopping by, see yall later!!







Special shout out to BIG MEACH on the music!!


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