Plus Size Fashion (Clothing Enthusiast) Part 2


This is one of my favorite outfits.  I’ve worn this out to a cook out, along with other outings.  I looked for very bold earring to accent the African/Hippie themed outfit.  It’s casual, comfortable but gives enough style to stand out.  I once again found each of these fun fashion items, at a decent price.  It’s so nice to find this top, it’s breathable for those warm days.  Since the colors is bright and sunny, I loved expressing myself with this outfit on those days
I chose to wear some blue jean/stone wash Capri pants, with detail on the back pockets and a cuff.  They are very comfortable and fits well for those active outings.
I found the Green,Burgundy and Gold Fan Earrings at a small boutique in Monroeville Mall called Glitter, $1.00. African/Hippie Top with Gold details around the square collar cutout, is another Gabriel Bro’s find, for $16.99 and Capri’s as well for $10.00 .


I have worn simple ankle socks, with pink & white tennis shoes with this outfit.  Sometimes a thong sandals with toenail paint to highlight the colors in the shirt.  Since this is such a short sleeve top, I’ll be sad to see this go as the weather gets colder.


Until next time, I hope you continue to style yourself according to your personality!  Fashion knows no size, color or sex…FASHION IS ART! AGAPE.


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