Stop Snitchin? Whatever happened to STOP KILLIN’?

Marcus White Jr. Murder in broad daylight.

     Marcus White Jr. Murder in broad daylight.

Imagine for a moment, when you was only one.  Can you remember back that far?  How about your terrible two’s?  As your toddling around trying to learn about everything in your new existence.  Do you remember back that far?  I have to be honest, I don’t.  Still I know it was a part of my life, from pictures my Mother captured and stories of my antics.  Now imagine being at a picnic, with your Aunts.  Probably playing and enjoying being around family.  Next thing you know, your flesh is being pierced by the sheer pain of a bullet flying towards you.  You see your Aunt headed in your direction, but it’s too late the bullet has penetrated you.  As you gasp for air, for that life sustaining air you feel your Aunts bloody body cover you hoping that she can save you from the impending doom.

Marcus White Jr. is a young boy born in Pittsburgh, PA.  His short life snuffed out, by the hands of three men on a violent vendetta.  I bring you this story to call to light a problem in our inner city neighborhoods.  This story is especially disturbing because it wasn’t even dark outside.  Still no one have come forward with information on who shot and killed this baby.  Yet we still see immature, close minded individuals wearing shirts in the “HOOD” stating “NO SNITCHIN!”  Me personally, I know for a fact that someone seen who shot down this baby, and injured his Aunts.  I’m sure, if people could report how many men did the shooting, they seen whom it was that did it!

These “HOOD” laws need to cease, we need to realize that these careless violent criminals are the ones that need to be held accountable for these tragedies.  Instead, the people in the community want to parade around with signs saying “STOP SHOOTIN, WE LOVE YOU!”  Listen, if we don’t take back our neighborhoods and stop protecting the guilty we are forever going to be living in fear.  While we hold onto these GHETTO laws, that really is suppose to be for the criminals.  {THE SO CALLED HONOR AMONG THIEVES LAWS} It is these criminals that we are allowing to run our communities.  Do you really think they care that “WE LOVE THEM”?  When they tote their guns, and shoot down our young?  DO YOU?  Who is it that is the voice of the ones that lost their lives?

I did a short video, on the topic.  Sharing with you the complete story and how our local government haven’t found not one of these assailants that killed this baby.  Yet, when a Steeler got stabbed on the South Side they found out who did that and arrested them the very next day.  Here it is nearly a Month later and we are still asking the question “WHO SHOT MARCUS WHITE JR.”????



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