There Should Be A SUPPORT GROUP for Quitting $ocial Networking $ites?

It’s been 4 months since I’ve logged onto those major social networking sites.  What started out as a hiatus have turned into a out, and out recovery program.  Yeah, that’s right I SAID IT~!! {LOL}  Whenever I speak to people in person, and they haven’t been on {FB, MYSPACE, TWITTER… etc.}  They always will tell you exactly how long it’s been since they’ve logged in.  Free-DUMB? It often makes me giggle at how much we sound like recovering addicts, explaining how proud we are of our break from addiction.

I think whether we know it or not, drama is addictive.  After getting a taste of it, it’s hard to look away or stay away from it.  Daily doses of drama is often administered on these sites.  What makes it even juicier is that it’s drama from people we know personally.  You want to know who so and so is pregnant by?  Check their post, and look at pictures!  You’re curious about someones relationship status, check their page.  Or better yet, you want to know how a party went….pictures will be posted as it’s going on.  Social networking sites is a breeding ground for arguments, verbal warfare and drama.  Let’s face it.

I have resolved in my mind, that social networking sites is a great avenue for business.  You can connect with like-minded people and showcase what ever you have to sale.  Even though this a free way to get word out about your product, it comes with a high PRICE.  Accumulation of more “SO CALLED” friends, followers or associates means more people privy to your private goings ons.  lol.  Yea I know they only know what you post.  That can be the furthest from the truth.  Technology is become better every day.  Social media sites are becoming more advanced.  Other people can post things to your wall, and tag you to nonsense that you wasn’t even involved in.  Next thing you know, some other person is coming at you for something you wasn’t even aware you was tagged in.  So in my mind, I will continue to use these avenues for business purposes only.  I feel like this, “If I don’t have any business to share, then I have no business being there!”

This is not to say I’m not interested in other peoples well being.  That is furthest from the truth.  I’m looking to reconnect with those closest to me.  I want to see their beautiful faces in person, and hear their voices for real.  Words can be a beautiful thing…but on Social Networking sites, they become vague, pointed, manipulated and used to tear others down, disrespect and measure towards their own existences.  This keeping up with the Jones mentality is magnified on Social Networking sites.  I’ve come to the realization that I have nothing to prove to anyone except…My Higher Power, My Husband and of course MY SELF.  So needing to post, and show people what I’m up to every minute of every day is cut out.  WHY?  Well, for me I enjoy my sanctity, and privacy of my life.  These “THINGS” accumulated in life is just that, THINGS.  I value something that can’t be bought…and that is my relationships, and the love that I share with my loved ones.

SO I say as FB/twitter and other Social Networking is finding more, and more ways to invade your life,  WHAT HAVE THEY DONE FOR YOU LATELY?  I’m serious.  I love that saying, “If it don’t make dollars, then it doesn’t make $en$e.”  I use to log onto to Social Media to play games with family, check in on my family and friends, say hi to old friends as well as share my product with those that are interested in it.  Now I cringe at the thought of logging on to the egotistical word battles, hateful words, and racial disagreements.  This is my leisure time.  Leisure time is  described as a time for recreation.  Recreation is  leisure, leisure being discretionary time. The “need to do something for recreation” is an essential element of human biology and psychology. Recreational activities are often done for enjoymentamusement, or pleasure and are considered to be “fun“.  Since many of these Social Networking sites are no longer geared towards enjoyment, amusement or pleasure I find that my time offline have been so refreshing…and now I can say with confidence when I do have “FREE TIME”  I don’t damage my mental with the drama’s of social networking.

I’m grateful for those connections that Social Networking have helped me make.  On the same note, I do realize the damage it can and will do to many perfectly fine relationships.  Those vague, snippy, sexist, racist, provoking post that flash across the screen from others that promote drama…seeps into my mind.  I don’t want those thought processes to clog and pollute my mind.  I hate to say it, but it’s true… “Bad association do spoil useful habits” (1 Cor. 15:33)  Many may fight bible teaching, don’t believe in a higher power or want to rely on their own teachings.  That’s cool with me, I say what ever works for you…work it!  Especially if it keeps you OUT of turmoil.  I know that being on Social Networking sites was starting to bother me, when it was a high topic for discussion.  That’s when I knew it was time to start limiting my contact with the drama filled sites.

Maybe it’s time to start a support group SNA {Social Networking Anonymous}!!  I’m sure those that understand where I’m coming from will want to join too~!!  Knowing that each day, away from those sites brings you closer to those that truly want to see you do well in life.  As well as those that don’t want you caught up in the dramatics that spill out into the streets, that social networking creates.  Well thats all my wonderful blog mates… Thanks for listening and letting me share my thoughts on this matter.  My name is Queen Rella, and I’m a recovering Social Networking addict. lol.  See you in the next post~!!  I’ll see you on Social Networking sites, when I have official business to attend to!!

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Love Always,

Queen Rella

P.S. Click on this link for just ONE of many drama stories that started on a Social Networking site. Woman Killed Over Facebook Comments


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