Is It Better To Give Or Take?

Are you surrounded by TAKERS?

 It’s better to give than to receive. That’s taught to many and it’s found in the scriptures {Act 20:35}  Do you find it easier to give or take???  I noticed some people I have come in contact with want many people to give to their cause.  Be it spiritually, financially, emotionally or physically.  Many times these folks want you to give to them…but, are they willing to give to you? ♥

I classify these people as Takers.  They come around and drain you of your time, money and emotions. Never willing to listen to your everyday woe’s, or when you’re in a bind… they disappear.   Even though it doesn’t matter the hour, day or whatever is going on in your world, you drop everything to fly to their beckoning call.  You love to give and these folks love to TAKE

Don’t get me wrong there is NOTHING wrong with helping out your loved ones, friends and family.  I derive much pleasure out of helping out anybody I care about as much as I can.  I know that they would do anything for me too~!! I am not talking about them people. These people are the ones that you should look out for…no questions asked.

Takers will drain you anyway YOU allow them.  They will not give to any cause, situation or elevation.  Their main goal is to take.  I have personally seen cases of folks that will come along and expect people to supply everything. 

Example:  You ever come in contact with someone your mood is happy-go-lucky and you’re smiling feeling good about your life.  When you leave this person it feels as if you gave away your happiness?  You leave feeling sad, irritated, angry and frustrated.  You may have just spent some of your valuable time with a TAKER!


TAKERS come in all genders, sizes, colors or religions.  Emotionally they come along and make you feel as if your story is not worthy of their attention.  Their life has more going on.  They want you to listen to what they got, have or is going to do.  Never leaving a minute to hear what is going on in your world.  Financially takers will always have their hand out.  They want to come and party but never have money on a round.  They borrow with intentions of never paying back.  Then they have the nerve to question the value of your friendship, if you ask about the lent money.  Physically they will try to occupy all your time.  Never thinking that you may have other things to take care of.  TAKERS will do what they need to do to further their careers, popularity and cause.   All on your time, dime and knowledge. 


So, is it better to give or take?  For those that are being USED I am sure they feel as if this teaching is being abused.  Sometimes you have to realize that some people are not worthy of your time, patience and support.  Especially if they are not fine example’s of returning the love.  I have a remedy for anyone who is in the grasp of these type of people.  First, remember that PEOPLE will do to you ONLY what you allow them to.  Second, know that if you continue to give, and give to these folks that don’t appreciate what you do.  You will end up tapped out and won’t have nothing left to give, yourself.

It’s up to you to decide if you want to continue to drag this dead weight along with you through life.  They will never learn how to stand on their own two feet if you enable them to keep on USING you up.  So if you really want to leave these type of folks alone here is what you do:

Ask them for help with anything.  Watch as they make up reasons not to help, or hear you out.  Then realize that real friends will help out at a drop of a hat.  Whenever or where ever you need them.  Let that person walk away and when they call asking for help…and they will.  Tell them that you can only help those that WANT to be helped.


True Friends is something to be cherished.  Any type of love shouldn’t be taken for granted, used or abused.  Know that you deserve to be appreciated and your generosity should be reciprocated with the same type of giving,caring love in return.  If that is not being satisfied and you need to separate yourself from that person. Know you are not being a taker…I call that being a realistic individual. You deserve to get the same type of love you give. 

Thanks so much for reading~!! I just had to reflect on this topic because through life you do run into a good amount of takers.  When you realized that your on a take…that is when it is time to step back and realize that you are a good person and deserve to be treated better.  Have a wonderful day…and continue to love other as you love yourself. Don’t allow yourself to be used for love though, you deserve better. AGAPE.



4 thoughts on “Is It Better To Give Or Take?

  1. Rella, i’ve ran into more than my fair share of “Takers.” It’s as though, nowadays, there’re more takers than there are givers. Anyway, as I was saying, i recently had to end an association with someone whom i felt sole reason for befriending me was to use me. Every time i ran into the person she was asking to “borrow” money. After awhile i got fed up with the person and stopped talking to her. I got the feeling that this woman sensed that i was an “easygoing” type of person, so she pretended to be my friend just to use me. She never had any intentions of repaying me! And your right, when some ppl ask to borrow what they’re really mean is to have because!!!

    • LOL….Yes, you are right. There are too many takers~!! People don’t realize that it’s far better to give than to take. It’s good for the heart, soul and mind to give.

      I have found that folks on YT try to be sneaky. Personally I came in contact with some so-called YT friend. This person literally will take my idea’s on my channel and apply them to their page as if they created these idea’s. Then they wonder why I don’t comment on their videos. Seriously? I mean no props to a sister for inspiring them…nothing. To make it so bad this person have way more subbies so there is no need to steal idea…but, they do.

      All I do is shake my head. {SMH} I mean unfortunately folks probally think I am mimicking this person but no…if they check the dates you can clearly see that they are stealing my idea’s and taking it to their viewers.

      At first I was very passive with it. Now it’s to the point where I find that I may need to cut this person off completely. It’s not a characteristic. If you know my NOLYE you know that I give credit where credit is do. So when folks treat me as they do…I refuse to acknowledge them. It’s not good for my health either sis…to be caught up in all this drama…and that’s why I blog. I know I am not the only one tired of the crab in the bucket mentality.

      Again thanks sis for coming through and dropping knowledge. You are such a real person. I come to appreciate website’s like YT because I get to meet kind hearted, caring people as yourself. Please don’t change for no one~!! You are a exception to the rules of this twisted world. I have to look at the bright side of things~!! =0) Agape.

  2. Sis, as I mentioned in my comment on your latest post… I read that one first, family, that group of folks that some of us are unfortunately born into, can be the worst bunch of takers. Worst because, they use the fact that you are related to them to keep taking.

    You are lucky in that you seem to have a very supportive family. However there are many of us who do not. As harsh as it sounds, they must be handled in the same way as the non-related taker.

    Thanks for this post.

    • I HAVE SEEN IT TIME AND TIME AGAIN~!! Yes….I know some family are takers. I really am blessed to have such a supportive family sis. I count my blessings daily. I do know that as BronzeGoddess put it….there is a difference between relative and family. Many times those that just want to use and be takers are simply relative. Those that support, love and cheer you on to success. Those that have positivity and wisdom to bring to the table encircled with love…those are our wonderful family.

      I don’t care if your closer to me than my underroo’s, biologically…if you are coming around to just take, take, take….I will cut them off also. Life is too short to be getting dragged down by ones that don’t want to help themselves. I appreciate your very valid wisdom on this subject Msfullroller….Stay strong…those that appreciate you will not come around to use…they will stay around to be good friends, family and loving supporters. Agape. =0)

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