It’s officially spring and it’s been a long winter!  I am excited at the possibilities that the warmer climates Spring2014have to offer!!

I got to take a short trip out-of-town, and have been able to take some beautiful walks since the temperatures have added some warmth to it.  I look forward to more sunny weather, and more outfits to find to express myself on them days.


I decided to couple a jean skirt, with a classy top.  My favorite colors are red and black, so this outfit brought out the sassy in me.  I guess?? lol.  Anyway, I found this top at a store on the way out.  Dots.

Spring2014I adore the v neckline and the circular piece in the center of the top.  My earrings are special made from a friend from Sweden.  They’re an adorable addition to my collection, and it paired up perfectly with this outfit.



This comfortable and long jean skirt, was a find at the “BROTHERS” affectionately known as Gab’s.  I’m feeling my bare foot-ness in this sultry yet comfortable outfit!! If passing my door, I would wear a thong sandal with a little height to it.  But for now, I’m just relaxing in my humble abode.


I decided my hair needed a curly style to play up my sassy feel.  It’s nice to be able to let the coat go for a while, and just head outside with a light jacket.  How’s your SPRING 2014 coming along?  I hope all is well…..


If you can swing through to my YOU TUBE channel and subscribe.  I put video’s on there for fashion, and more!! It’s a glimpse into the life of Queen Rella.  Stop by it’s https://www.youtube.com/user/queenrella77.  I A1NewqueenYTbanner.jpgappreciate your time and thanks for reading my blog.  Agape. ❤


2014 Fun & Fashion Winter Diva

Laid Back Enjoying Life

Laid Back Enjoying Life!!!

Hello my faithful royal readers, and welcome to the NEW YEAR!! 2014 is standing to be such a prosperous year for me and my husband.  I’ve set new goals for the year to come and I look forward to reaching them!

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you all some outfits this PLUSH SIZE QUEEN has been adorned with.  It’s been a very chilly WINTER here where I’m at.  So I’ve been wrapping myself in pretty sweaters, long sleeve tops, sexy jeans and jazzy hats.


I didn’t get an opportunity to check in, with you all in a while.  As I’ve been on a hiatus, and busy writing these NOVELLA’S that keep on pouring out of me.  Details on new book information coming soon.  On the other note…let’s get to the CLOTHES!!


1rella2014A.jpgThis adorable sweater is from ASHLEY STEWARD, it has an elegant plunging neckline that allows me to accentuate my womanly softness.  I fell in love with the earthly colors that this sweater provides.  As a accessory I paired my Polo cross body satchel to make the dark browns pop!  I’m wearing a dark blue jean pants, with a stitching on the pocket that matches the top.  This outfit is not only comfortable, it’s stylish as well.


1rella2014b.jpgThis is the complete look, and I wore fan earrings with the same accent colors in the top.  My hair is in my winter protective style of braids.  It’s conveniently matching the outfit as well! (It just so happens match, but I’m going to go with it!)


Since I’ve not been updating my blog in a while, I’m sharing two outfits for my Fashion enthusiast aka CLOTHING LOVERS!!


Warm Outfit

Warm Outfit!!!

As I said before when the weather is FRIGHTFUL outside, I lean towards warmer clothing.  This sweater I found at ASHLEY STEWARD as well.  It has my favorite color in it. (BLACK)  I grouped it with some black ENYCE jeans.

This cozy outfit, allows me to stay warm and still bring some sassy DIVA-TUDE! With the sweater being long sleeves it’s enough to keep me warm during the below 0′ degrees we’ve been enduring.

1rella2014E.jpg I grouped my cute soldier hat, with my “QUEEN B” pendant on it.  My earring is dangle circle cut-out zebra print.  I try to mix up shapes, and imprints to add a flare of a unique touch.  I walked in my black comfortable booties to complete the outfit.



This is the complete look of this cozy, sexy outfit!! I enjoyed touching base with you all!! How is your NEW YEAR panning out?? I hope all is well in your world, and I look forward to sharing more with you in 2014 and beyond!! See you in the next post…oh yeah and make sure you head over to YOUTUBE and subscribe to my channel: QueenRella77 for exclusive video’s on yours truly.  Here is a smile for you….stay warm, and blessed. Agape.

2014 Protective Style "THIS SMILES FOR YOU!"

2014 Protective Style


2013 New Inspirational Updates

1AreadcHELLO, it’s a good time to stop by and chat with my ROYAL READERS!  Hello, I had to share all the inspirational things that have happened for me, and my company!  I also wanted to share with you some information to check out, about my company (Queen Rella’s Novella’S)  After the release of my second installment of Steel Twinz {Steel Twinz 2 “Ladies On A Mission”}  many have ordered or purchased a copy of it!  As well as the first copy of Steel Twinz as well.

As a child I always was in the library, I was a book worm for sure!  It kept me off the streets, and out of trouble to dulve deep into a book with my imagination.  Back then I knew someday I will also have a book in the library!  Returning the favor of other AUTHORS that shared their work, and immortalized their artistic writings for all to share and read!  Today, I now have three of my four books in the library system!  This alone is a heartwarming accomplishment for me, and I want to thank PENN HILLS CARNEGIE LIBRARY OF PITTSBURGH for inducting all of my written art into the system.

Books In LibraryI can not possibly explain the amount of joy it brought me, to know that I’ve accomplished one of my long time goals!! Next I have to share with you that my FIRST BOOK STEEL TWINZ “Ladies In The Street” has been reviewed on a STREET FICTION website!  On  streetfiction.org they did a excellant review on the NOVELLA!  I was happy to see that my artistic writings are being understood and appreciated!  Please go over and check out the review that was done on it!

 {Queen Rella’s, Steel Twinz Ladies In The Street (streetfiction.org) Review}

As 2013 unfolded it has been an improving year as it went on!  I couldn’t be more excited at the love, and reception of my artwork!  I recently met in person a very optimistic, creative and inspirational man.  He bought every NOVELLA that I put out thus far!  This is the first person to date, that has every last copy of every published work that I’ve released!  I want you to check this talented man out, as he rocks MIC’s near and far!

 (Like BABEE LOC’s Facebook page, and support him please)

Babee Loc, is a young talented rapper rep’n the O-side of Cali and have many songs out that will show you that HE is destined for greatness!  Go grab up his music, NOW!  I got it, and I’ve been jammin’ ever since!


It’s touching to know, that He is reading my artistic writings and that you will be too, if you head on over to my company website Queen Rella’s Novella’s Company Page !!

Well I’m going to leave you with a song featured by my HOMIE rep’n O~SIDE that should get you UP and ready to GRIND!! This is my motivation, today~!!

I’ll see you in the next blog…thanks in advance for YOU being so supportive of ME and any INDIE ARTIST!!! Agape. ~Qr

First Snow Photo Shoot…New Hair Style.

a1snowrevised1   We had our “FIRST SNOW” for the new season.  It was so beautiful, majestic and peaceful outside.  I had to capture some moments in the snow.  I am after all a true winter baby aka snow angel!

As the season changes I find that the sun helps me through it!  I hope this winter has more sun, even though it snows.  It makes for such a beautiful scenery!

So I’m a natural hair enthusiast!  I have been wearing my hair natural for many years.  I have worn locks, two strand twist and just my lovely afro, I’ve blown it out for a more dramatic fro, and I’ve wet set it for a softer look!  Still all of these things puts a certain amount of stress on my hair.  During the winter season I like to put my hair up in protective styles.  Where the inclement weather conditions, and my hands can stay away from it for a while.

melting winter wonderland

I enjoy this style, even though it took me a entire 12 hours to complete this look.  Its a kinky twist style, that I find to be more of a get up and go maintenance.  I cropped it into a shoulder length bob, for easy maneuvering.  All in all, I’m happy with the results!  So I decided to do a photo shoot….Here are some of my favorite flicks from it!

Snowy Dreams1st snow of the season I was in amazement at the winter wonderland…and couldn’t wait to stand within it’s beauty……

This winter wonderland is having me dream snowy dreams….and laugh at the dancing snowflakes falling from the heavens……..

As I realize that the journey of life is filled with not only sunny days, but snowy ones too!

Scenic Beauty I smile and smile at the beauty that I’m surrounded in.  Happy to be able to stop and smell the crisp winter air.

Knowing that the archer season is near…..<3

Thanks so much for taking time out to read my post.  I blog as the feeling hits me to be honest!  So thanks to all my new and old subscribers of this blog for hanging in there with me!

SNOW SMILE I look forward to seeing you in the next blog….Who knows what I will be doing next!! For my fashion enthusiast, I’m a hard core STEELERS FAN!  SO today I’m wearing my Steelers Mittens to match my Steelers Tee!  Our team is having a very trying season, but I still LOVE them WIN or LOSE!!

Steel City Woman I am a home grown PITTSBURGHER!!! Representing to the fullest…Penguins, Steelers, Pirates….AKA PITTSBURGH!!

Thanks for stopping by, see yall later!!







Special shout out to BIG MEACH on the music!!


Are you a winner?  Queen Rella from Queen Rella Novella’s wants you to be!! We are having a contest for a free book give-away!  THAT’S RIGHT~!! QRN’s is offering TWO copies of her newest NOVELLA set to drop Sept 27th 2013, to TWO hard-working ROYAL READERS~!!


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We are looking forward to finding out WHO IS THE WINNER~!! Most importantly we are ready to share with you the newest NOVELLA, STEEL TWINZ 2 “LADIES ON A MISSION” !!!

Agape Luv Always


Plus Size Fashion Clothing Enthusiast (Part 3)


This is a flirty fun, going out to dinner outfit.  I love the varies blues and shimmer that it provides!!  This peek-a-boo shoulder top, is coupled with a long flowing broom skirt.  Oh YES, one of those comfy style skirts!!

When I wear my lightening earring I always get compliments on them.  THANKS SO MUCH!! I grabbed up these for practically a steal!! I enjoy this top because it didn’t break the bank, and you’ll be surprised where I found it at!  I went with my trusty square silver watch, with faux diamonds to add more pizzazz to the outfit.   I found this skirt at a great location too, and a bonus is that it’s made with a built-in slip.  SO NO SEE THROUGH TRAVESTIES!! lol


I’ve been feeling very festive in this skirt combo, just give me a tambourine! You can find this beautifully crafted top at Walmart.  YUP believe it or not!  I found this pretty lil find at WALLY’S WORLD.  It’s originally $16.99 and I was blessed to pay even less.  Some peek-a-boo shoulder tops show your bra straps, this one is positioned perfectly for a lil peek to your boo!!   My skirt I found at THE BROTHERS aka Gab’s for only $10.00!! I told yall, I don’t have to have a big label to look fly~!!  These earring was once again a great find at a lil boutique in Monroeville Mall called Glitter, $1.00.  Adorable aren’t they??  You don’t have to break the bank, to look adorable~!!

I found everything I wanted in this outfit, comfort, free-flowing and flashy!  It’s flirty, yet comfortable enough to just bring a cool smile to your face!  This pretty lil number got a summer appearance, and still will get some play in the fall.  A nice pair of hose, and some close toes shoes will make it work.  Besides when outside, I’m going to be wearing a Pashmina with this cutie~!! Thanks for reading, and remember that FASHION don’t have a size, color, sex or race IT’S ART!!!Asummerlookbookedited3.jpg

Plus Size Fashion (Clothing Enthusiast) Part 2


This is one of my favorite outfits.  I’ve worn this out to a cook out, along with other outings.  I looked for very bold earring to accent the African/Hippie themed outfit.  It’s casual, comfortable but gives enough style to stand out.  I once again found each of these fun fashion items, at a decent price.  It’s so nice to find this top, it’s breathable for those warm days.  Since the colors is bright and sunny, I loved expressing myself with this outfit on those days
I chose to wear some blue jean/stone wash Capri pants, with detail on the back pockets and a cuff.  They are very comfortable and fits well for those active outings.
I found the Green,Burgundy and Gold Fan Earrings at a small boutique in Monroeville Mall called Glitter, $1.00. African/Hippie Top with Gold details around the square collar cutout, is another Gabriel Bro’s find, for $16.99 and Capri’s as well for $10.00 .


I have worn simple ankle socks, with pink & white tennis shoes with this outfit.  Sometimes a thong sandals with toenail paint to highlight the colors in the shirt.  Since this is such a short sleeve top, I’ll be sad to see this go as the weather gets colder.


Until next time, I hope you continue to style yourself according to your personality!  Fashion knows no size, color or sex…FASHION IS ART! AGAPE.

Plush Size Fashion (Clothing Enthusiast) Part 1

Today in this wide world there is so much great fashion out!  Being a PLUSH SIZE diva, it may be a little harder to find exactly what I like all the time.  Truth is, I’m appreciative that many are realizing that we all love to look our best!  This is part 1 of a series that I’m going to touch on often.  I LOVE fashion, and the different emotions it can portray for your day!

Everything down to the accessories, is my passion!  So I will be sharing with you along with my regular blogs, some of my fashion sense.  I am not, or do not aspire to be a model.  I am however a clothing enthusiast.  I go out searching for awesome deals, for plush size women that love to add flare to their wardrobe.

Each piece in today’s outfit was very great finds!  I’m not a label chaser!  Meaning I will rock anything that I deem stylish, whether it’s from Wal-Mart to Ashley Stewart.  I don’t let no one define my style character.  My main stamp on anything that I wear, is my class and daring personality.

Diamond yarn earrings, $2.99 from Burlington Coat Factory, Pink Paisley Diamond Top with Gold Beading along gathered neckline, ONE WORLD apx. $15.00 Gabriel Bro’s, Tinkled Pink Skirt cotton/Lycra blend, $5.00 (Clearance STEAL) Mossimo~Target.  Square Faux Diamond embezzled watch, $10.00 Walmart.

My favorite detail about this outfit, is the class and comfort.  I can go from a business meeting, to a nice night out with this outfit and do so comfortably.  I paired this outfit with a nice basket weaved leather thong sandal, from Target as well.  Another plus to this outfit is that it can be worn every season.  In colder climates, you add some pantyhose, a scarf, and a jacket  it crosses the seasons.


So I say to you, just because you are PLUSH SIZE don’t mean you have to wear dark colored baggy clothes.  Express yourself! NO MATTER YOUR SIZE, share with the world your personality according to your style~!! Til next time, Clothe Your Personality!! Agape. 😉


Size Discrimination


In this day and age, fashion is widespread for all individuals.  I hear women being critical of plush size woman, for the fashion that they choose to wear.  It confuses me often, because many of these very woman wear revealing clothes themselves.  I don’t know why they don’t realize flesh, is flesh.  No matter the size, color or texture.  (YUP I SAID IT)  If it’s hanging out, it’s hanging out.  I’ve heard it’s gross for that women to wear this, or that.  I wonder why we are so focused on others.  SERIOUSLY.

Don’t we all have so much work to do on ourselves to even notice what the next person is up to? {sarcasm}  Today’s world is equipped with many different size people.  I don’t tell a thin woman, that her wearing low-rise jeans is inappropriate.  That seeing maybe their mid-drift, rib cage or booty crack is gross.  SO why, if there is so much happiness in being thin, do some find time to ridicule and demean woman with curves?

I’m all about fashion.  I love everything from the clothes, down to the accessories.  Some things are super cute, and some things are just not my taste.  That don’t mean that the next person can’t rock it!  I don’t discriminate.  If I think the outfit is cute, then it’s cute on who ever wears it.  Being personally told, “Just because they make it in your size, don’t mean you should wear it.”  Only fuels my desire to want to find more stylish clothes, that shared my personality.  Besides isn’t that why we all love fashion, it’s an expressive art form?

Well below is a short vid, discussing this very topic.  I hope all is well in your world…and be on the look out!  I have a new book coming out~!! Steel Twinz 2 “Ladies On A Mission”  is going to be available mid Sept. 2013~!! It’s the sequel to my first Novella Steel Twinz “Ladies In The Street” .

Stop Snitchin? Whatever happened to STOP KILLIN’?

Marcus White Jr. Murder in broad daylight.

     Marcus White Jr. Murder in broad daylight.

Imagine for a moment, when you was only one.  Can you remember back that far?  How about your terrible two’s?  As your toddling around trying to learn about everything in your new existence.  Do you remember back that far?  I have to be honest, I don’t.  Still I know it was a part of my life, from pictures my Mother captured and stories of my antics.  Now imagine being at a picnic, with your Aunts.  Probably playing and enjoying being around family.  Next thing you know, your flesh is being pierced by the sheer pain of a bullet flying towards you.  You see your Aunt headed in your direction, but it’s too late the bullet has penetrated you.  As you gasp for air, for that life sustaining air you feel your Aunts bloody body cover you hoping that she can save you from the impending doom.

Marcus White Jr. is a young boy born in Pittsburgh, PA.  His short life snuffed out, by the hands of three men on a violent vendetta.  I bring you this story to call to light a problem in our inner city neighborhoods.  This story is especially disturbing because it wasn’t even dark outside.  Still no one have come forward with information on who shot and killed this baby.  Yet we still see immature, close minded individuals wearing shirts in the “HOOD” stating “NO SNITCHIN!”  Me personally, I know for a fact that someone seen who shot down this baby, and injured his Aunts.  I’m sure, if people could report how many men did the shooting, they seen whom it was that did it!

These “HOOD” laws need to cease, we need to realize that these careless violent criminals are the ones that need to be held accountable for these tragedies.  Instead, the people in the community want to parade around with signs saying “STOP SHOOTIN, WE LOVE YOU!”  Listen, if we don’t take back our neighborhoods and stop protecting the guilty we are forever going to be living in fear.  While we hold onto these GHETTO laws, that really is suppose to be for the criminals.  {THE SO CALLED HONOR AMONG THIEVES LAWS} It is these criminals that we are allowing to run our communities.  Do you really think they care that “WE LOVE THEM”?  When they tote their guns, and shoot down our young?  DO YOU?  Who is it that is the voice of the ones that lost their lives?

I did a short video, on the topic.  Sharing with you the complete story and how our local government haven’t found not one of these assailants that killed this baby.  Yet, when a Steeler got stabbed on the South Side they found out who did that and arrested them the very next day.  Here it is nearly a Month later and we are still asking the question “WHO SHOT MARCUS WHITE JR.”????